For those in the private service industry, colleagues and contacts. Along with our customer referral program we extend our offer to all upon a successful client capture.

A *5% gratuity for each new customers signed up or a successful placement agreed.

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Nannies provide a helping hand with daily life in case you’re too busy or if you have to go on a business trip, they can fill in the gap. With a nanny, you can work, shop, relax all without worrying about things like your children’s safety and cleanliness of your house. Worrying can put parents off their aspirations or goals and with a nanny, there’s no need to hold back.

They will join your family, be a part of cohesive team. They will always be there to assist and help around unlike a cleaner or babysitter who may be unreliable and inconsistent.


Where Would I Get A Nanny?


You can apply for a nanny via The Cheshire Group website or over the phone. Our nannies are always carefully selected so to be the perfect match for your family. Full background checks are carried out to ensure all nannies are ready to work with you while providing an exemplary service. The Cheshire Group will act as the middle man for you and your selected nanny. If you want a leading childcare provider then, you’ve come to the right place.


What Are The Benefits Of Using The Cheshire Group?


  1. The nannies are fully background checked and matched to your family.
  2. A fixed price would be agreed saving you from agencies that charge excessive amounts.
  3. Your nannies will be trained to the latest Ofsted standards and have previous referenced experience.
  4. They will be able to speak english or the prefered language*
  5. Will save you time from searching for individual nannies and communicating with them all.
  6. They all come with the correct and relevant qualifications with and up to date training.


What Benefits Will The Nanny Receive?


  1. Working with The Cheshire Group means that the nanny will always receive constant support from and we will help mediate between them and the clients.
  2. We always make sure we offer the nanny receives the best rate of pay that will reflect their qualifications and offers.
  3. When the nanny registers with The Cheshire Group, it ensures they will know of any open positions before anyone else.
  4. We offer a smooth transaction without stress and peace of mind.

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A grey Tuesday morning, ‘neath Lancastrian skies
We wake once again to wipe tears from our eyes.
Forced to wear robes of weakness and pity,
As cowards attack the very heart of our city.

Like always, we’ll comfort and hold one another,
A Mancunian family of sisters and brothers.
For a time our strut is reduced to a stagger,
But make no mistake, we’ll rekindle our swagger.

We’ll learn how to live with another deep scar.
If you think you can beat us, you don’t know who we are!

We’re Collyhurst, Ancoats, Moston and Sale.
We’re Oldham and Bury; Ashton; Rochdale.

We’re Pankhurts and Turing, the Gallagher Brothers,
We’re Morrissey, Marr and a million others!

We’re a city of workers, a city of shirkers.
A city of tracksuits, and bibles and burkas.

Vegetarian, Rastafarian, Athiest, Jew.

100 red! 100% blue!

We’re each of us different but never alone.
In the Cosmopolitopia, we get to call ‘home’.

So, come at us again, and again if you must.
Time after time we’ll rise from the dust.
You’ll never prevail – not against us…

This is Manchester, our MANCHESTER
And the bees still buzz!”



Private security offers protection that everyday life lacks. For an influencer or person of importance, targeted attacks may be more likely to happen. Private security allows these attacks to be prevented. Targeted attacks are sweeping the nation becoming a problem that many are finding difficult to solve. 37 Billion pounds is spent yearly by the police to prevent crime and is proving to be unsuccessful. Private security can do what the police can’t and protect you at the moment. Imagine a situation were to occur where a group threatened to rob you, without security, you would helpless, robbed and possibly assaulted before anyone would be available to help. A private security team would be able to combat the problem whilst before  it even happens. Correctly trained professionals can protect you and your assets more than any service. They can help mitigate threats posed to you, your  family and property. Having private security can be the deciding factor between being safe and being in harm’s way.


The Cheshire Group can offer you your own personal security. Our private security are highly trained, thoroughly checked and is chosen to compliment you, your family, your business. 

We pride ourselves in only supplying leading industry professionals.


So What Are The Benefits?


    • They will protect you, your assets, family and home.
    • The Cheshire Group carries out a thorough check of their PPO’s qualifications, criminal history and social media background to ensure they are a perfect match.
    • We’ll maintain direct communication with you and your team, constantly updating risk assessments pertaining to your specific situation. 


  • The Cheshire Group will always help with any problems or concerns, communication is key.
  • Our services will provide a stress free and easy way to obtain a security team, all the work is with us.
  • A risk assessment is done by us beforehand to ensure our PPO’s are fit for the purpose.

UK police have reported a 40 percent increase in drone associated crime reports, with stalking and flight path incursions the highest. 

Police forces said they received 2,435 reports of drone incidents in 2018 – up 2% on 2017 (2,377 incidents) and 42% higher than 2016 (1,709 incidents). Reported cases included sightings above schools and nurseries, allegations of harassment/stalking, criminal damage and reported surveillance of cash points. 

The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) said it is now working with the government and the Civil Aviation Authority on future laws “to meet the challenges and risks posed by drones”.

#drone #crime #uk

Full-time Nanny position in Altrincham, Cheshire UK

Start ASAP subject to vetting.

Situated in the exclusive village of Hale, Altrincham. A busy young family seeks a professional and motivated person to be the sole charge of a wonderful little Three-year-old boy, for a professional international family who travels several times a year. Work duties will include taking the child to and from nursery, cleaning, preparing meals, some shopping and minor duties around the house.  

£10 per hour 

28 days holidays per year plus bank holidays

  • Requirements:
    Childcare, BTEC, NVQ, Degree
    Pediatric first aid
    Enhanced DBS
    Full UK Drivers Licence
  • Must have own vehicle


Reference NA10/18

Housekeeper Job Wrexham North Wales

Location North Wales
Sector Housekeeping
Job Role Live in Housekeeper
Job Type Permanent vacancy
Salary Negotiable upon experience
Job Number   
Created 07 February 2018

Full-time live-in Housekeeping Job Wrexham North Wales start asap £neg

 full-time live-in housekeeper for Georgian Estate in north Wales.


To provide extensive housekeeping facilities to a friendly young family in a beautiful 4-acre country estate in North Wales (5 miles from Chester) and assistance to the lady of the house who has certain disabilities and the couple’s son

Daily household cleaning for a 6-bedroomed house, with gym, swimming pool, bar and games room.

Household cleaning will include but not be limited to: dusting, vacuuming, and polishing, laundry, washing and ironing clothing, sheets and blankets, washing/scrubbing tiled surfaces, dusting to include all surfaces as well as window frames, skirting boards, ornaments, and pictures. Due to family allergies, an additional wet dusting and hoovering routine to certain rooms is required.

Beds to be made every day and changed regularly.

Clean and polish silverware, ornaments and chandeliers.

Answer a landline and accept deliveries or take messages as required.

*Feeding and looking after the dog which is a friendly Yorkshire terrier and feeding the cat and fish in the fish tank.

*Take the employers son to and from school as required and any of his other outside activities. Assisting with homework as and when required.

Leave the house to perform errands for the employer as necessary.

Looking for the lady of the house as required and helping to look after their son when he is off from school either on holiday or when he is taken ill.

Looking for any guests including providing tea and coffee and preparing light snacks.

Managing any maintenance work planned for the property. This will involve keeping a well-organized online diary and monitoring the quality and level of work being carried out.


Accommodation provided is a small annex, they would be sharing with the family cat who lives there due to the son’s allergies.

Any other duties reasonably requested. This could on occasion be out of hours and include anything from taking to the airport, out for a meal or accompany the family on holiday.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: Negotiable 

Must speak English

Driving License required 


Apply through



The definition of a bodyguard is a person or group of people employed to escort and protect an important or famous person.

The word is synonymous with the movie starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Huston in which he is charged with protecting Whitney, her family, and their property.  In many ways, this portrayal is correct barring the knife fighting in the kitchen and falling in love with your client, it is a bodyguard or Close protection operatives (CPO) “as we prefer to be known in the UK” job to protect their principle (Client) from harm. This is done in many ways as depicted in the movie, researching your client followed by a full risk analysis, identifying potential threats, weaknesses and any particular areas that you can act upon. Hiring qualified and experienced staff to carry out specific duties and, in this modern age in-depth background checks of the original staff and in some cases any family where necessary. Installing Physical, electronic barriers like gates, cameras, and sensors, but overall putting in place procedures that will endeavor to make an attack on your client so difficult it’s not worth doing. 

Training, or educating is something that is lacking from both sides of this equation, training oneself to avoid any rust and working with your principle on the actions that will be taken in case of emergency and, understanding soft skills that avoid escalating a situation.

Finally, the best CPO’s are, dedicated, drilled individuals constantly vigilant, resourceful and prepared for every eventuality. A person with a plan for each situation they encounter and not just a beefed-up Doorman pretending to play the part.

The Cheshire Group provides government-level security for Business leaders, celebrities, and sports personalities throughout the UK.

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Our stand-alone dog handler teams are professional, diligent and, trained to the highest standards. Drawing on years of experience in the armed forces and private sector, dealing with real-life situations and threats gives us an advantage over our competitors, each unit can operate covertly or as a high profile deterrent reducing manpower to whatever suits our clients’ needs 

Our teams are trained in building searches, tracking, handler protection, and each operator come with a background in close protection, manned guarding, closed-circuit monitoring. With years of experience in residential security at times, our operators work closely with the client as a personal protection officer offering far more than your regular security officers and, the canine unit is personally selected and vetted by us to our exacting standards, each task is planned with the uppermost safety in mind.

Vehicles meet BS8517 standard
Our teams are all Nasdu accredited
All operators and canines received regular continuation training making sure we are ready at short notice to provide nothing short of an excellent standard.

The Cheshire Group, Leading the standard in security.


For more details call 01625 251702.

Don’t mistake her for a nanny or a personal assistant. Emma Probert is the Lady chosen to protect the Dutchess of Cambridge. 

The stereotypical image of a tall burley intimidating male character is being challenged by the highly professional yet more inconspicuous female (EPO) executive protection operative. The demand for women within the security industry has risen dramatically, we at The Cheshire Group have a some of the best in the industry.  having seen a shift in preference from our clients requiring female EPO’s to protect themselves and their families, means we have recruited former military, police, and government members to provide close protection, surveillance and investigation service to our clients.

The Cheshire Group provides government level protection like Emma for HNWI, business leaders and celebrities alike. 

For more information contact 01625 251702