When considering hiring private staff we always ask our clients to carry out a self-review, what we mean by this is how much time, effort and resources are they utilising efficiently or not. Then we can suggest the correct action to put in place to maximize efficiency.

The Cheshire Group researches, sources and carries out full vetting on all of our candidates before we place them into any household, this way we can ensure all staff are of the highest calibre. An example of a typical large home will employ a cleaner, nanny, gardener to name just a few. Clients will have to manage, pay and organise all of these separate assets whilst carrying out their normal everyday work. They may have found these individuals themselves, through someone’s recommendation or via internet/ social media searches. We ask how they verify their credentials, or carry out criminal background checks?

When carrying out a self-review, we ask our clients to list the areas where they require assistance, they note how many hours it’s taking for the staff to carry each task out and what administration they needed to complete it. A large estate for example will have at least ten staff of both full/part time and contracted. This in itself may generate problems, on how to manage, communicate, and deal with issues properly. This is where an effective estate manager comes into their own, putting policies and procedures into place to minimise disruption to any estate operation. Some clients tend to utilise staff in dual roles such as housekeeper as nannies, personal assistants as estate managers and chauffeurs as security.  This this can be an effective cost reduction process; however, it may reduce staff effectiveness, and potentially endanger the client, and their family.

Whilst considering hiring private staff we recommend that clients must always run mental risk analysis. For example, the cleaner hired because they were recommended and liked during the interview, that’s great the family. Then they decide to employ them as a nanny/housekeeper to save money, but this may not be the best option for your family safety.  The chauffeur they hired who has years of experience with a large intimidating stature cannot be their personal security whilst carrying out driving duties. Personal assistants although experts in multi-tasking have one duty, and that’s to directly work with the client, arranging meetings, booking hotels, restaurants, travel plans, taking calls writing emails and responding to enquiries within their remit, to have to manage an estate and all the problems associated with it on top is a mammoth task.

A well-structured, qualified and, effective team of private staff is always the best solution, choosing the best people to provide those services is always the most cost-effective low risk option. The Cheshire Group removes all of the risks associated with recruitment, staffing, operation and, security. A stress-free solution in a hectic world, we provide leading industry standards to high net-worth individuals, celebrities and, sports personalities.

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