The luxury service industry is a small but unique sector, and therefore it is essential to ensure that the people we entrust to carry our name and reputation forward are the very best.

It is important to address all concerns and hiring requirements put to us by our customers, this inevitably leads to symmetry when searching for their private staff.  

Reliability, loyalty, discretion, and diligence are some of the key characteristics I look for when hiring private staff. Extensive vetting is carried out, as ensuring references and qualifications are legitimate will reduce the risk of fraud.

My personal attention to detail means I can reassure our clients that the people we supply are they very best industry professionals. Clients can rely on our judgment, and satisfied clients subsequently recommended the company to others.

We recruit for a variety of roles including household managers, child carers, domestic staff and security consultants.

  • Graeme Edwards-Beech
  • Managing Director