If you are an entrepreneur or a celebrity, are your children at risk?

In the UK, risk of kidnap is relatively low, however extortion through social media is on the increase. When young people today share their intimate details on facebook, Instagram, twitter etc., they become a prime target.

Therefore educating your children and putting the correct measures in place around them is key – for example getting them not to check in at every coffee shop or club they go to, and can reduce risks to them.


Full and extensive vetting should be taken when hiring people to work either in your home or directly with the family members. Ensuring references and qualifications are legitimate will reduce the risk of criminality slipping through the cracks.


Living in affluent, low-crime areas, putting physical barriers in place, living in secured apartments, or employing security services to provide CCTV, response or static security and having a police force that patrols neighbourhoods regularly – all of thesemeasures combine to create an overlapping defence ‘bubble’.

Social network

Socialising with people of the same net-worth may seem elitist, although this is actually a form of security measure. Often, people find celebrities or entrepreneurs direct, rude or distant. This can be because the celebrity knows from experience that socialising with people who don’t have the same fame or fortune can lead to problems, and has in some cases led to envy – a key factor in extortion and kidnap cases.

An unwitting friend passing information to a third party without considering the consequences is also a risk.


Keeping a low profile, and sharing travel plans with as few people as possible will reduce the associated risks. Employing the correct staff to secure, arrange and provide the security service is essential. Don’t advertising that you are away from your multi-million pound home and expensive cars, or that your 18-year-old is having a party – lest they unwittingly invite half of the UK to join the reveling whilst you’re away.


Ensure you seek the correct advice for your situation. High Net-Worth Individuals should employ security consultants to ensure their life can continue with the minimum disruption. Denying an extortion/kidnap opportunity – although the cost can seem expensive at the time – will undoubtedly pay off in the long-run. 

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