Statistics don’t lie: London is the hub of finance, tourism and fashion in the UK. However, a town in the north is beginning to buck that trend and tap into some of that wealth.

Manchester, UK’s biggest city outside of London, has seen in recent years an increase in industry, media and house building. The wealth and success of both Manchester football teams have focussed attention here, and this, along with a rise in the number of foreign students coming here to study all point to it becoming ‘the capital of the north’.

Towns and suburbs in the north west are home to many wealthy and well-known celebrities, entrepreneurs, writers and artistic leaders. The Cheshire towns of Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Prestbury and Hale comprise the ‘Golden Triangle,’ which boasts more millionaires than anywhere else in the UK outside London.

Having Manchester airport less than 10 miles from the city centre brings many travellers, both foreign and domestic, and access from the major arterial routes, the M6 and M60, enhance the attractiveness of the location.

Finally, with planned the government-backed HS2 and increased foreign investment, I can only see Manchester and the north west become a true northern powerhouse, and somewhere more people will want to live and raise their children or start a business.


Graeme Edwards-Beech

Managing Director