Private security offers protection that everyday life lacks. For an influencer or person of importance, targeted attacks may be more likely to happen. Private security allows these attacks to be prevented. Targeted attacks are sweeping the nation becoming a problem that many are finding difficult to solve. 37 Billion pounds is spent yearly by the police to prevent crime and is proving to be unsuccessful. Private security can do what the police can’t and protect you at the moment. Imagine a situation were to occur where a group threatened to rob you, without security, you would helpless, robbed and possibly assaulted before anyone would be available to help. A private security team would be able to combat the problem whilst before  it even happens. Correctly trained professionals can protect you and your assets more than any service. They can help mitigate threats posed to you, your  family and property. Having private security can be the deciding factor between being safe and being in harm’s way.


The Cheshire Group can offer you your own personal security. Our private security are highly trained, thoroughly checked and is chosen to compliment you, your family, your business. 

We pride ourselves in only supplying leading industry professionals.


So What Are The Benefits?


    • They will protect you, your assets, family and home.
    • The Cheshire Group carries out a thorough check of their PPO’s qualifications, criminal history and social media background to ensure they are a perfect match.
    • We’ll maintain direct communication with you and your team, constantly updating risk assessments pertaining to your specific situation. 


  • The Cheshire Group will always help with any problems or concerns, communication is key.
  • Our services will provide a stress free and easy way to obtain a security team, all the work is with us.
  • A risk assessment is done by us beforehand to ensure our PPO’s are fit for the purpose.